How to Select and Use Sound Essence Vibrational Sprays

The Sound Essence Vibrational Sprays were developed to work with the energy systems of the body to bring balance, well being, and health. There are five sets of sprays, plus one individual spray, broken down into the following categories.

~Meridian Vitalizers - work with the physical body. Meridians are the network of energy channels that connect the surface of the body to the internal organs.

~Chakra Balancers - work with the emotions and feelings. Chakras are an ancient East Indian system of measuring energy in the body.

~Aura Harmonizers - work with mental and mind. This is the energy that operates our physical body. There are 7 layers of the auric field that are just as alive as our physical bodies.

~Heart Tones - work with the inner senses and intuition. The Heart Tone essences are meant as a bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimensions - away from the physical and into the intuitive self.

~Archangel Blessings - work with the spirit and soul. These represent higher vibrational energies that act as intermediaries between the divine and humans.

~Vibrational Immunity for Global Community - work with the immunity system of the body. This spray was developed specifically to boost immunity and vibration in times of global crisis and illness.

How do I knew which sprays I need? Using the color chart with this blog, or using the color fans under the color fan page on the website, you will test each one to find out what you need to achieve balance. If using the color fan charts on the website, click on the desired fan, note the color if you cannot clearly see the name, and the hover your mouse over the fan itself and it will enlarge to be clearer. You will need a pendulum or any kind of necklace or object that is on a chain or cord. As you hold the pendulum by the chain or cord, place it at the bottom of the color fan and ask/allow your energy and body wisdom to move the pendulum in the direction of what is needed. (It may takes a few minutes, be patient!). Sometimes you may need more than one from a set, and sometimes you may not need any from a set. Your body and energy know what you need.

How do I use the sprays?  Shake well and spray two or three times over the top of the head. The spray is best absorbed in the energy field rather than in or on the body. It is used only once a day, it doesn't matter what time during the day, and you can use it more if you feel the need. Once you find the sprays to help you balance, it is suggested that you use them daily for about three weeks, and as needed after that. You can also spray in your home or work environment since that is perhaps where the imbalance began. 

Will these sprays interact with any other medication or supplements I am taking?  No, these are vibrational remedies and not a medication or supplement. You should not substitute any of these for medication or doctor's advice that you are already taking. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Use them in good health!